Baltimore @ Toronto: July 26th 2011

Like most BP starts in Toronto, this one started at 5:30 PM. I flew into the stadium and went down to the players playing catch and…nothing. I asked the Orioles players in the outfield and…nothing. I finally had a chance in the later part of BP. A ball got hit only 2 feet over from where I was standing. It came to me and drilled the palm of my glove and fell back onto the field. I got heckled by a few people, so I decided to give them the “I don’t here you” gesture, so the hecklers started booing me, I grinned. About a minute later, Josh Bell walked over to the ball that I had almost caught. I called out to him and he looked up and tossed it up to me for my first ball. I decided to relax for a bit. After a few minutes, I decided to go for hit baseballs because the Orioles were launching them out. I went over to one in the outfield and called out for it. The first throw missed. He walked over to me and tossed it again and I caught it. The best part was the fact that I wasn’t wearing my Orioles hat at the time. As for the game, the Jays got killed 12-4.



My Stats:


This game: 2 Baseballs

This season: 10 Balls

At the Rogers Centre: 19 Balls

Career: 23 Balls



Here are the baseballs that I snagged in this game.

And here is a dirt stain on one of the baseballs (I’m guessing it isn’t from the Rogers Centre turf).

I am going to 3 more games this season (so far that I know of).


Chicago W.S. @ Detroit: July 15th 2011

The trip to Detroit started at around 11:00 AM when I left my house for a 4 hour drive to Detroit. By the time I got to the hotel, it was 3:00 PM. I had to be at the stadium for BP, which started at 5:30 (or so I thought, more about that later). Anyways, I left the hotel just after 4:30. I got a few photos of the stadium.

Anyways, at about 5 to 5:00, I was asked what time the gates opened, I told them what was listed on the Tigers website, 5:30. After they asked a couple of people, it turned out that the gates opened at 5:00 (really Tigers. Update your website.). Good thing their wasn’t many people there and I was first in line. I flew into the stadium with the goal to snag at least one ball. I did that about 2 minutes in thanks to Rick Porcello’s toss up. After I snagged that ball, I waited around there for a few minutes because there was a good chance to snag a home run. I moved to left field a couple of minutes later. After I got there, a ball landed just in front of me in the bullpen. I looked at it and it didn’t have the normal MLB logo, it was a Angels 50th anniversary ball. I waited for someone to pick it up, but nobody did. About 5 minutes later, a ball got hit 2 rows behind me and the fans fumbled it and it rolled down, because I was on the aisle, I turned around and put my glove over it. A couple people tried to get it, but I had it covered for ball #2.

That was it for Tigers BP. In White Sox BP, I waited for a toss up opportunity for about 10 minutes. After waiting for those 10 minutes, I got a toss up from a White Sox player. The toss up didn’t go as planed. It fumbled off of my glove, hit the wall and another fan picked it up. That fan tried to give it to me. I kept trying to insist the fan too keep it. In the end, I ended up with the ball. That was it for me in BP. After BP, I went looking for a kid to give the ball to. I found a kid that was pushing a stroller, so I gave him the ball. His mother turned around and asked me if I had another ball for her other kid, (really). I said no and walked away.

During the game, I tried to get a 3rd out ball, but got kicked out of 2 sections in the process. It was a good game. I went back to the hotel at the beginning of the 7th inning. I got a photo with me and the giant tiger in front of the stadium.

During the game, I also got to see Miguel Cabrera hit his 1,500th career hit.

Here is what I snagged that day.

If your wondering about the shirt, it was also the first day of Negro League Weekend in Detroit. The shirt is honoring the Detroit Stars.

I am attending 3 more games this year. I saw the Orioles and Jays in Toronto at the end of July. My goal was to snag 2 baseballs so I can break my single-season record. I currently have 8 this year. Will I break it? Come later this week to find out…













Philadelphia @ Toronto-July 3rd 2011

This was my 3rd game this season. I got to the dome about an hour before the game, so I of corse had lots of time to kill. When they opened, I flew inside (like always). Right when I got to the first row of outfield seats, a ball landed in a seat about 10 feet in front of me. I grabbed it. About 20 seconds after that, a ball landed in the netting above the bullpen and rolled up to the seats. I ran over and grabbed that ball off of the ground. A few minutes later, I ran over towards center field and got a toss up from Jon Rauch. After that, I thought that I would take a break. I went down to my seats for about 5 minutes and then headed over to the Jays dugout. That was where I took this photo.

I didn’t get any baseballs or autographs. So, things then switched over to the Phillies BP. I went over to the pitchers warmup. I waited for a chance to get a ball from Antonio Bastardo. About 5 minutes later, there was an overthrow between him and the pitcher/coach he was playing catch with. The person standing beside me tried to reach down, but couldn’t get it, so I reached down and grabbed it. I was starting to go for a record. I asked for 45 minutes and had some close calls, but didn’t get any more. 4 balls during BP. I knew that I could have had a foul ball during the game, but it was unlikely. Before the game, I got Eric Thames to sign my ticket. Here is the ticket.

I was sitting in the same section that I did on June 10th vs the Red Sox, just 2 rows up. It was really hot outside, so I was drinking a lot of fluids. It was an amazing game for the Jays. 3 home runs hit late in the game. The Jays won 7-4. Here are the baseballs I got that day.

I am going to Detroit tomorrow to the Tigers game. I will post a blog entry about it next week.

Boston @ Toronto- June 11th 2011

My day started really early. I woke up at 6:00 AM. I had lots of time to kill, so I went for a walk around Toronto. Here is The Audience, the sculpture outside of the Rogers Centre.

I also got a picture of the Toronto skyline from across the street from the dome (both pics were taken at 6:30 AM).

At around 10:15 AM (45 minutes before the gates open on weekends), I headed down to wait in line. Here is a pic of my ticket.

When the gates opened, I ran inside and looked around for a possible snagging opportunity. Their were two coaches collecting the balls that were being batted into the outfield. After being ignored by the one coach, I moved on to the other coach (who turned out to be Don Wakamatsu). He tossed me a ball. Toronto’s BP ended about 20 minutes later and Boston (for the second day in a row), did not take BP. Before the end of Toronto’s BP, I got J.P. Arencibia to sign my ticket. Here’s a photo of the ticket.

I had a couple of chances to snag a ball during the game. After the 6th inning, one Boston player tossed a ball that hit the wall in front of the first row (I was in the second row). He picked it back up and tossed it to some other fans. And after the 8th inning, I got another chance to get a Boston tossup. The player was looking at me, but decided to toss the ball to a kid that came down two minutes earlier. That was it for the game. I snagged one ball. Here it is…

I have one more entry that I need to make. I went to a game in Toronto verses the Phillies. Had an awesome snagging day, followed by an awesome ball game. That will be posted sometime next week.


Boston @ Toronto- June 10th 2011

As I had mentioned in my last post, I got tickets for the Jays game on June 11th. I got tickets to the game on June 10th because I was going to get to Toronto that morning. I arrived at the hotel at 1:00 after having lunch. This is what was going on.


I also saw this…

A random player and his family (and their dog) on the field. I filmed a video of what all was going on. Here is the YouTube link.

Right after that, I went up to my room to chill for a bit, went for a walk, then got ready for the game.

So, at about 4:30 PM, I went down to the gates to wait for BP to start. I had an hour to kill, so I took a few pics.

My ticket…

That night’s matchup…In hats!

An awesome snag.

The Jays logo at my gate…

About an hour later, the gates opened. When they opened, I was the first one in the stadium and ran to the outfield and found nothing.

There were some Red Sox players playing catch in deep right field, so I got positioned behind a group of 3 playing catch. I asked nicely a couple of times if I could have the ball when they were done with it. No one responded. I waited while they played catch.

In that time, I found out that their was no BP. When I heard that, I got a little nervous and wanted to get at least one ball. After 5 minutes of waiting for them to finish playing catch, the ball got passed to Josh Beckett. He looked around for someone to toss the ball to. I raised my glove and he tossed it to me. I used my hand to secure it in my glove so I wouldn’t drop it.

That was the only ball I snagged that day.

After BP, I went down to my seat. Here was the view from there…

Before the game started, I got my ticket autographed by Corey Patterson.

I really enjoyed the game (even though the Jays lost). After the game, I headed back to my hotel after trying to get another ball from the Boston dugout. I was tired. I had to get some rest. I had another big day ahead of me.

The single ball that I got at that game.

I will post about the next day’s game sometime later this week.


When am I attending a game?

Sometime this week, I was going to make a post about the next game that I was going to attend on July 3rd (most likely). But, today was my birthday and I got a surprise…
























I’m leaving for Toronto on Friday morning and because of that, I am likely going to the Jays game on friday night too. 2 games in 2 days. Rare for me, but it’s going to be really awesome.

Book Review: The Baseball

In this blog entry, I am reviewing the book The Baseball: Stunts, Scandals, and Secrets Beneath the Stitches, written by Zack Hample. When I read a book, it normally takes me a little while (for example, I read a 430 page book recently and it took me about 5 months to read). This book on the other hand, took me only 9 days to read. I really enjoyed it. It was a very easy read and had a lot of various (interesting) facts. The first part of the book was really good and just got me hook to this book. Part two was also really good, but could seem a little long (for me because I was excited about reading the ballhawking section). It was about the history of the ball and included lots of info about the Rawlings factory. Part three was all about ballhawking and tips for ballhawking. At the end of the book, he listed all of the players who have tossed him baseballs over the 20 years he has been ballhawking (about 10 pages long). I learned a lot from this book. I learned many facts about the ball, the process in making the ball and many ballhawking tips that I will use for years to come. This book was so good, that I just might order a copy of Watching Baseball Smarter next time I go to a book store. Thanks for writing this Zack and good luck on this baseball season.

Photo credit: Zack Hample (from his website).